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60 Tchaikovsky. A Russian Icon Thumbnail
Tchaikovsky. A Russian Icon

Music Appreciation by Elizabeth Handley

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50 MONUMENTAL Charl du Plessis Piano Recital at the Voortrekker Monument Thumbnail
MONUMENTAL Charl du Plessis Piano Recital at the Voortrekker Monument

Charl du Plessis Piano Recital at the Voortrekker Monument. The programme comprises solo piano works by Brahms, Piazzolla, Rachmaninoff and the monumental Chaconne by Bach/Busoni.

60 Wessel van Wyk plays Chopin in his Drawing Room  Thumbnail
Wessel van Wyk plays Chopin in his Drawing Room

Wessel van Wyk plays Chopin in his Drawing Room This South African Doyen of pianists reigns supreme due to his beautiful recordings of more than 70 classical piano favourites on CD. In this program you can join Wessel in his interesting house in Pretoria, which he shares with the artist, Elizabeth Riding. Riding\\\\\\\'s brand new exhibition of paintings forms part of this performance on Brooklyn Theater TV. The program consists largely of the ever-famous Waltzes by Chopin, as well as a Polonaise, two Nocturnes and an Etude. Available from 24 July 17:00 on the website www.brooklyntheatre.tv Purchase a ticket today at R100 (Gives you 3 days access from the launch date) Or purchase a monthly subscription of R400 which will give you access to more than 40 concerts and upcoming releases. Watch this at your own time and as many times as you want.

60 SOUNDSCAPES  A tribute to EINAUDI Thumbnail

presented by Barbara-Ann Pianist. The popularity of the piano music composed by Luduvico Einaudi is undisputed. The ethereal sounds and musical images he conjures up with the piano appeals to those who are looking for something gentle, evocative and soothing. That is why the name of this concert, Soundscapes is so apt. \\\\

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Willem se Keuse Episode 7

Die sewende episode van Willem se keuse bevat vyf uittreksels uit die musikale geskiedenis van Brooklyn Teater vanaf die, openingskonsert met Inette Swart, wat ’n wat virtuose klaviermusiek van Moriz Rosenthal speel, tot die Franse sangeres, Camille Favre-Bulle uit Parys wat Piaf sing.

1 Views - 0 Comments 9 Months Ago
The Carnival of the Animals 

The Carnival of the Animals (Le carnaval des animaux) is a humorous musical suite of fourteen movements by the French Romantic composer Camille Saint-Saëns. STARRING : Matheu Kieswetter ( Conductor ) Willem de Beer & Laetitia Orlandi (Pianists) Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra Willem Vogel (Narrator )

6 Views - 1 Comments 7 Months Ago
The Minuet Suite Re-imagined Bach

Presented by Biblioteek produksies. Daniel Zachariah Franks: upright bass, violins, mandolin, and oud Elton Goslett: guitars Dr. Marc Rontsch: guitars 335 years and 6 days after Johann Sebastian Bach came into the world on 21 March 1685, South Africa went into Covid-19 lockdown… In his 65 years, Bach composed 1128 pieces. During #lockdown2020, us musicians had plenty of time to go through our favourite Bach pieces and see which among them we could best twist and turn into our unique style. And so we present ‘The Minuet Suite’, three Bach minuets re-imagined in gypsy-jazz style, straight from the tip of Africa. PROGRAMME: Minuet 1 (Originally BWV Anh 116) We’ve ‘mutated’ this melody and given it a typical gypsy-jazz arrangement. The mandolin and principal violin play the melody in unison, while the 5-string violin doubles it down an octave and the bass walks the changes along to the guitar’s rhythm. Minuet 2 (Originally BWV 822) This arrangement also features unison mandolin and violin parts on the head with the oud doubling the melody an octave lower. All gypsy-jazzified… Minuet 3 (Originally BWV Anh 114) We call this one ‘faux-Bach’ but we love it nonetheless. We play this Bach-esque melody closer to the tempo of a traditional gypsy waltz.

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