Preview: Czerny Nonet and Trout Quintet

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Starring: Brooklyn Theatre Salon Ensemble

NONET - Carl Czerny
An original chamber work in 4 movements for 9 players.

TROUT QUINTET - D667, Opus 114 - Franz Schubert.
An original chamber work in 4 movements for 5 players.

The program compilation of this chamber music concert's uniqueness lies in the fact that the Czerny Nonet will probably be heard for the first time in SA. The work appeared on the MDG label on a CD in the 90's. To our knowledge, this is the only recording available of this particular work of Czerny. The Nonet is also not to be found on Youtube at all. A SA group that performs it on an international digital platform would make a special contribution and also highlight the high quality of music making in this country.

The Salon Music audience has often been exposed to Carl Czerny's works over the years during the annual Piano Extravaganzas presented by us. The accessibility of Czerny's music became clear from the positive audience reaction of his music.

The popularity of Schubert's masterpiece, the Trout Quintet, is undeniable.

Salon Music has presented it 3 times over the past 26 years, and the turnout for the concerts has always been excellent. However, the performances were never recorded.

We believe that by offering an accessible and exciting program like this,
the interest in chamber music as a genre can be stimulated.

Carli d’Alebout - Violin 1
Christopher Evans - Violin 2
Johan Ferreira - Oboe / Cor Anglais
Peter Cartwright - Piano
Esther Watkinson - Bassoon
Jurgens de Lange - Double Bass
Wernd van Staden - Cello
Ken Craig - Viola
Lizet Smith - Clarinet

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